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Architectural Services

Professional architectural consulting services 

Are you looking for an experienced architect? Contact Architecture Verte.
We provide complete architectural consulting services across Wiltshire and the surrounding areas.

Self-build project experts

If you are about to start a self-build project, contact Architecture Verte. We provide personalised services for self-build projects. Our architect has carried out a self-build himself, so he understands the journey that you will go through when you're doing a self-build.

We undertake a lot of research and keep up with all aspects of self-building projects and the latest eco-technology. We treat the design holistically so that eco products can be integrated into your building's design.
Self-build project experts

Free initial consultation

If you need someone to take charge of a project from start to finish, contact Architecture Verte. We provide specialised turnkey services for big and small projects. 

You may also ask for our free initial consultation. We can produce a proposal document that lists all the architectural stages. The costs for each stage will be fixed. You can be sure that there are no hidden costs.
initial consultation

Architecture Verte provides high-quality, specialised architectural services. To book our services, contact our experienced architects today.
Architecture Verte provides architectural consulting services in and around Devizes. For more details, call us on 
01380 739 139 
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