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COzY Homes

High-quality turnkey projects throughout Devizes

If you require an expert architect to undertake a turnkey project contact Architecture Verte. We specialise in the complete design, installation and commissioning of COzY homes. Check the details below.

3-bed turnkey option

For affordable, high-quality homes contact Architecture Verte. We use the latest technology and building methods to produce highly sustainable homes. Our project fulfils the government demands for an environmentally friendly home.

The 3-bed turnkey design has been developed from the award-winning Tommy House that was designed by Steve Willis and built in the Ferns by Tommy Walsh.

The turnkey option includes kitchen and bathroom fittings all electrical and plumbing. The only elements not included are the final paint finishes and the cost of services connections.
turnkey option

Affordable housing options

If you want to invest in an affordable housing project, contact Architecture Verte. We produce the maximum area for a house with minimum costs. 

Our turnkey projects include all electrical and plumbing installations. We provide high-quality kitchen and bathroom fittings for the homes that we build. You only need to bear the final paint finish and services connection costs.
Affordable housing options

We provide a dependable turnkey option with our COzY Home projects. For more details, get in touch with Architecture Verte today.
For an affordable turnkey project option in and around Devizes, contact Architecture Verte on 
01380 739 139 
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